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Commercial Fencing Solutions & Services in Darwin


For more than a decade, Fencing Contractors Darwin has led the commercial fencing industry here in Darwin and all surrounding areas. From buildings, subdivisions, parks, and sports complexes, we’ve dealt with numerous commercial fencing projects and have provided excellent-quality services. Our services cater to different kinds of small to large-scale businesses. No matter what your budget is, we will make it work and provide you with a professionally-made fence system that’s worth your investment.


Our Commercial Fencing Services

We provide a wide range of commercial fencing Darwin services. Here’s a complete list of the services that we offer:



  • Wood Fencing


Want a more natural look to your property? Then go organic with our wood fencing system. Our wood fences allow the natural beauty to boost the overall value of your property. We offer different styles and wood materials for your selection. Choose from cedar, pine, or redwood. Our wood fences also come in different colours and finishes to not only complement with your lawn but also to ensure maximum durability.



  • Vinyl Fencing


Also referred to as PVC, our vinyl fencing is one of our best-selling and most in-demand fencing systems. The reason why it’s so popular is the wide variety of colours and easy-to-clean materials. It has a low maintenance need and is very durable. It’s qualities ensure that you will get the bang for your buck. What’s best is that vinyl fencing does not rot and deteriorate easily compared to wood fences. That means you won’t have to replace it unless it gets damaged.



  • Chain Link Fencing


If you want a combination of strength, durability, and hassle-free maintenance, our chain link fence is also an excellent option for you. It’s one of the most cost-effective fence material you can get. We can customise your chain link fence and turn it into any design you want. To complement any landscape that you have on your lawn, we can tailor it to your specs. Like our other fence systems, our chain link fence also comes in a variety of colours for unlimited possibilities. From making sure your dog stays in your yard to outlining your entire property, chain link is an ideal, cost-effective fencing solution that you can choose.



  • Ornamental Fencing


Our ornamental fences are perfect as a decorative addition to your property. It features the ability to accommodate any landscape or terrain and even steep grades. It makes an excellent choice for residential areas and large communities. Ornamental fences provide some added security and beauty to any landscaping.



  • Metal & Steel Fencing


Want to take safety and security to the next level? Go for our sturdy and durable metal or steel fence system. Made of premium-grade metal and aluminium steel, this type of fence system ensures that you get the best security measure to go along with privacy. Our metal and steel fences are impenetrable and can withstand even the hardest blows. With its extremely durable features, this fence is perfect for business buildings, warehouses, and even political establishments to ensure safety and security.


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